In some respects, they belong to history.

It has occured to me that I've become something of a magnet for various incarnations of the characters commmonly held to be the visions of Notre Pater, Victor Hugo. Fortunately, I am not the only one with such delusions. And the boys I seem more likely to collect are, well... not exactly the way the Man Himself envisioned them, no-indeedy. but anyway, my boys (and the few girls), boisterous as they are, have been clamoring to speak at you all. So here they are. I am not responsible for anything they say. You don't like it, blame them. Most of the amis are linked to their entries in the GCDR. The rest may or may not get a little more than I give them now. Someday.

Les Amis

  • Jean-Baptiste Courfeyrac
  • Jean-Jean Prouvaire
  • Marion Grantaire
  • Marone Grantaire
  • Martin Enjolras
  • Paulin Robert Grantaire
  • René (occasionally Vivien) Combeferre
  • Modernes!

    • Abigail Tanaka-- Moderne!Zelma
    • Calisté Fantin-- Moderne!Cossette
    • Claudian "Dahlia" Bigger-- Moderne!Arture R.
    • Elphine Tanaka-- Moderne!Eponine
    • Thaddeus Pontreyes-- Moderne!Marius

    Originals, pretty much

    • Angelique Lambert
    • Andre de Chauremonde
    • Charles Caudelac
    • Eliese Lasaudraye
    • Herecule "Merecule" Chauvert
    • Honore Reille
    • Gros-René Chauremonde


    • Claude Monteparnasse
    • Martin Javert-- See Martin Emeute
    • Michel Javert-- See any other Javert fic on this site.