Other Universes.

  • Dead Nazis of the World Are.- this is My Domain and hath links to my various and sundry pages all over. Neat!
  • Quois The Writing Diary. Some Les Misfic, snippets, and various strange incarnations of Things can be found thereat.
  • Streetlamps' hum! My best bud Babbit's diary.
  • This is for the little people Babs is Moni. Together, we're Butch. And Babs is just silly.
  • The keep- Honoré's page, as Erinkeeper. Stuff about our Star Trek rp! And Elza and Erin's fic.
  • Diaryland- Which comes from god and stuff.
  • The Sapphire Mage Yes. A Sailormoon site. By Llavina and Sailor Pluto, both of whom are dear to me.
  • The Sailor Moon Collection Another one, this time by my roomie Silvara. Um, Occasionally, I do write Sailormoonfic. Usually Haruka and Michiru fic. So far, none of this has seen the light of day. Sil endevours to change all of that. Aii.