You Know Nothing Of Javert.

"It's Javert. I don't dare fire at that man. Do you dare?"
"Parbleu!" replied Thenardier.
"Well, then, fire."
Thenardier took the pistol and aimed at Javert.
Javert, who was only three paces from him, stared intently at him and contented himself with saying:-- "Come now, don't fire. You'll misfire."
Thenardier pulled the trigger. The pistol misfired.
"Didn't I tell you so!" ejaculated Javert.
Bigrenaille flung his bludgeon at Javert's feet.
"You're the emperor of the fiends! I surrender."

XXI- The Victims should always be arrested First.
Les Miserables--Victor Hugo.

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