You know nothing of my life.

Ola. Being that I am called Rabsjavert Lalapine, and known more simply as the Rabbit, and occasionally by Other Names, which are, quite frankly, legion.

So are the various people who populate my head, many of whom are given attention herein. Particularily Javert.

Curious as this is, considering that most of my posted fic seems to deal with Les Amis de l'ABC. Nevertheless, my senior year of high school, I saw Philp Quast sing One Day More on the TAC (10th anniversary Concert Video, kids). I fell in love promptly with Javert, and then with the musical. Then, I read the book. Then I read the book in French.

Then I made this website, then I met E!/Javert slash and, following hard upon, E!/R Slash. And it went downhill from there.

But in the beginning, there was Javert.

Most of my writings are spread between the fanfic on this site, roleplay/collabs such as Coventry and Rennaisance, and Quois, my writing journal. As per fandoms, Les Mis is my primary target. Barring crossovers however, I have also been rumored to dabble in the realms of Sailor Moon and Hitchhiker's Guide. Yes, most of what I like to write-- and read-- is slash.

Slashfic is fanfic with sometimes overt, sometimes not, homosexual content. Usually this is what happens when ficwriters Read Canonical Subtext as 'slashy'. Heaven knows I do. Hell probably does too, but ah well.

I can also be found on AnkhMUSH, very often, and delved into via the Online Journals.

Or, of course, you could write.


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