Girls will be boys and boys will be girls...
  • An apparition to Cosette part II part III part IV part V Another in-progress fic; this one is a rather tragic love story between Cosette and Eponine. Finally edited, yay. And chapter 4 is longer than previous.
  • Grantaire drinks from Jean Prouvarie's Bottle Part II Part III- In which Grantaire, in a fit of semi-conciousness and creative fancy, decides to imitate Jehan for a bit. Features the results of his vine inspired labour.
  • The Cure for Musichetta- From the Robert Heinlien shcool of pg-13 sex, a cuddlesome and delicately arch Bossuet/Jolllly piece. the result of a long, all day flight from CA to SC...
  • Each after his own Nature- Because no one appreciates Combeferre. Well, except Enjolras. An apology to you E!/R fans out there, because I am terribly mean to poor R... *sighs* But it had to be done.
  • Le Capitaine Grandeur- Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII Part IX. Strange. R as leader of les Amis de L'ABC; and his wide-eyed devotee, Enjolras. Lots of Combeferre too, yay. This is what happens when you let an Enjolras write a Grantaire... say what you like at
  • Everybody loves somebody else. Not you.- In which there was Dish. Much dish. It is all Courfey and Bossuet's fault; and I don't think I can leave it where it is... which is possibly the reason for Courfey's melodramatics. *sighs* well, you'll see what I mean. Look. Go ahead.
  • Mardi Gras Part II Part III--Actual NC-17 fic, at least in the last chapter. Bahorel's account of a mardi gras spent in the fair company of, well, Dominique Courfeyrac. Yes. boys in dresses, whores in trousers. whee!
  • Ash Wednesday-- Follows the last immediately, from Courfeyrac's perspective. Naughty Gender-bending fun! NC-17, of course.
  • This Gentleman, or that-- More Adventures of Courfeyrac and Dominique, here reuninted with an old friend. NC-17, like the rest.
  • Concussion in the Absolute-- Decidedly Un-dirty, and though you may be confused, Javert insists that /this/ is slashy. There may be a sequel, due to popular requests. If you want to badger me into it too, or else forbid me from every writing another line in this vein, you may do so at
  • For the Good of the Service-- Javert has a theory about the mayor and resolves to try it out. Takes place Monteuril-sur-Mer, between Fantine's Arrest and Javert's pseudo-resignation. Which, for reasons which shall become plain, does not occur. R rated, I think. The first quasi-dirty!JVJ/Javert fic I've done. Written for Now we tell of Yultide Treasure fic challenge, and completed rather on the fast. You can comment there, if you like or at, if you love me.

And yes, if you like, I will host (dirty!) fic here. Submissions taken at It doesn't necessarily have to be about Javert or Les Amis, but I /do/ have to like it. I do write some Rather graphic fic from time to time, but I admonish you-- if you do, please, make it classy. Robert Heinlien style is Good. Laurell K. Hamilton is also groovy, if you like more heftily erotic bits. Plot is also looked upon with favor.

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