20 questions

Logs, randomness, madness, and good, very rarely clean, Fun. Enjoy.

  • what do you do with a drunken Enjy?- An unfinished RP by Cori (solange_et_al) and I, composed on Yahoo Messenger. About what happens when Enjy drinks a little too much the night before an emeutÚ. Features my RP char Gros-RenÚ, and an Intothefire char, Sabin, as well as ReneÚ's stock char, Solange. This is the first rp where I get to play the dear inspector, so check it out!
  • Duet for Orestes and Pylades- Off site link, a heavily edited, definitively slashy, maybe R rated and maybe not mercilessly cute RP log of Sam's and Mine... well, vicariously. It's all Marone and Antoine's faults. hee hee... L'E! tombes au terre/ C'est la faute au Grantaire...
  • Le Cirque de flambeaux- Rabs and Sophia lose it. features a purring contest between Enjy and Cosette, a lot of whips, (Whips!? *rolls eyes at Sir Percy*)juggling Courfeyrac, and a whole lot of fire... fire, fire, everywhere... *warms hands*. But mad funny, either way. *eg*
  • libertÚ, EgalitÚ, MatrimonÚ!- Rabs and Sophia are at it again. Spawned by the cutest lil' picture from the 3NT you could want. that is to say- a caption contest gone horribly awry. *grins with the wickedness* PG, slashy, barricade fun!

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