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  • Excavations-- Based on a good many things: First off, Manon's mix and match challenge from the Les Miz Fanfic Index, wherein the three ingredients are Bahorel, Azelma and soap. Secondly, part of the premise arises from this bit, translated from the notes section of my French Les Mis. And finally, the universe is the same as the one here, though I will warn you that that stuff is all deep-seated slash. If you want to know who Dominique is, however, you'll must needs brave it.
  • Enjolras has a rendezvous with his mistress-- Pg for... idolatry? Perhaps. Well, you'll see. :) linked to the Writing Diary.
  • Enjolras and Cosette: A love story Part II-- not what you think, no not at all. Linked to the Writing Diary. Reviews shamelessly solicited at
  • Vive le Mort- although it has nothing to do with Christmas, Marius finds himself visited by several friendly and familiar ghosts. La, in progress...
  • No Sense like non-sense- Yes. Fantine fic. Odd, vaugely surreal, and not happy. But... well, I'll let you draw your own conclusions. Mostly about her time as a whore.
  • All the Little Javert...- Not quite fic, but not like anything else... Very random. I like random *g*
  • Les Révés de L'inspector Javert Some of dear Javvie's writings, found after his demise.
  • La Morte et Le Révé part ii part iii A Les Mis/Sandman: The Dreaming Crossover, by me.
  • The Guardian of Secrets and the Guardian of Severity A continuation of the Previous fic, in which Javert meets Abel, and learns something of a Secret...
  • This I swear by the Star Wars! Perpetually in progress, A grotesque Les Mis/Star Wars Crossover, featuring Lark Stargazer, Baron Marius Porgana, and the Insidious Darth Javert! Death-defyingly predictable, but I'm having fun! Destined to only get sicker as we go along. If I ever summon the stomach to finish it.
  • Enjolras and son- Alan-Arnaud as a boy, speaking with his father, about women, love, and all manner of things. Off site link. *g*
  • Martin Emeuté Part II III- not to be confused with Martin Guerre. Semi "Fight Club"/"Les Mis" Crossover. See or Read Fight Club, and you will understand it a lot better. Javert & Enjolras have such a... unique relationship. In progress. Also at, if you're brave enough to dare a review.
  • The Duellists-- Javert and Enjolras again. And Merecule and Grantaire. Oh lord. In progress.
  • Little Voices-- A series of short little things that grew out of a... smaller? contest. They all kind of fit together, and now I've added the lil Eppy piece! And oui, my dear Claude Monteparnasse is in one of these! Whee!! Review, if you like, at
  • gleams which pass-- More short things, mostly for the Gleamswhichpass Livejournal community. A little bit of everything herein.
  • A mother in need of a daughter, and vice versa.-- a Gleamswhichpass challenge. 7 drabbles, one for each of the Endless, a la Sandman. Fantine and Eponine come to an understanding, for a day. If you loved me, you'd review at

    Sort-of me fic

  • Off the Track- Off-site link, this is a story which Sam and I are working on together. Warning: Barricade Survival. This is where Arture is from. What else to say? Poor Enjolras! (Though it's Maurice, and we love him...)

And yes, if you like, I will host fic here. Submissions taken at It doesn't necessarily have to be about Javert or Les Amis, but I /do/ have to like it.

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