objets d'utilisation
  • The booklist- A helpful thing for Rpers and writers of fanfic- just what sort of things would the LM folk-- partucularily les amis-- have read and seen in their time? Hopefully useful, and if you know of others, mail them and i'll put em up. :)
  • Traductions-- translated bits from Maurice Allam's notes on my French edition.
  • Utterly Misarablé my thoughts of the various Les Mis versions I've seen & heard. Needs updating badly.
  • Les Mis famous last words- A silly little list of things that will probably get you-- or anyone else-- killed in the world of Les Mis. Feel free to submit your ideas too. I giggle.
  • The utter Random madness- A small collection of Les Mis Related things that I found funny. Hee.

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